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A Short Story About Kissing In The Rain (Featuring Noël Wells)

Special guest Noël Wells (Saturday Night Live)

The latest in a series of adaptations based on the Short Stories I write at


A Short Story About Hands

A Short Story About Coffee (Produced by SoulPancake)


Your skin sends all the sunlight back to hell
And you shine in the coming darkness and I guess it’s just as well
That there’s no one left. 
There’s no one left at all.
And then the hils behind your eyes 
Start burning like a solid wall
Of licking flames.


I have been makig deeply personal work which I will share with everyone soon but I have shifted gears to work on something different which will look like this sounds.

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And I started to say “fine,” and I meant to say “fine,” but I ended up saying that I felt my life was filled like a big jug to the brim with almost indescribable joy, so much that I hardly knew how to handle it. That was how I put it, what I said: “I feel like my life is filled,” and then all the rest of it, one big exhale. I am not an eloquent person, and I was surprised to hear myself talking like that, but only a little surprised, because it was exactly the feeling I had in my heart.

- John Darnielle, Wolf In White Van


Let me serve you with my tongue.

Let me say your name all day ‘til my mouth goes numb.


After The Party


So anyway, the party was terrible so we left and kissed a little bit more on the street outside her place, and for a few moments it felt like nothing had happened and that we were still together and happy. Or at least still together. But then she pulled away and adjusted her wig and looked at her hands and I looked at my hands and in the silence of the moment I stared at the pink scar on my knuckle, the scar from scraping my hand on the bottom of that pool in Puerto Rico the day she told me she loved me for the very first time on the side of the road while the guy from the tow truck place was jumping our car, whispering it quickly and urgently like a spell that could destroy the world. I kissed her and she laughed and the engine turned over and the tow truck guy looked at us like we were crazy. 

I look back up at her and now she’s looking at me like she wants to say something and that’s when I know why I can’t come up to use the bathroom, it’s because he’s up there and has been and if it’s not him it’s somebody else and I finally understand, I finally “get it” and it’s all finally clear or maybe it was always clear how finally everything was but now I’ve actually got it through my big thick dumb head, finally, so instead of trying to kiss her any more I stick my hand with the scar on it in my pocket and give her a nod and say “Okay” and turn and start walking away. I want her to call after me but she doesn’t so I keep walking.

I walk and walk and walk and later I get in a cab and months later I am standing outside a karaoke bar talking to a girl while she smokes her last cigarette and I say something that makes her laugh a big throaty laugh and I look down at my hands and the pink scar on my knuckle from the pool is gone like it was never there at all.

God damn it Aaron, this is too good.


I very easily despise art. It is very hard for me to like art. This could easily be something I would despise but I do not. I like it a lot. I think that is because I think the youtube world is a worse hell than the art world. 

Anyway, my friend Paul is in this.


If I can’t run away tonight, I don’t know what I’ll do
Hang on to your dreams ‘til someone beats them out of you.


Diarrhea Planet put their back catalogue on Spotify and this song rules.

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It is not childish to live with uncertainty, to devote oneself to a craft rather than a career, to an idea rather than an institution. It’s courageous and requires courage of the order that the institutionally co-opted are ill equipped to perceive.

David Mamet in “True and False” (via balltillifall)

Okay, I feel okay.


Oh cool, someone posted the blueprints to the girl I am going to marry one day.


Badass women from history

  1. Leather clad English rocker girl
  2. Women boxing on a roof in LA (1933)
  3. Ellen O’Neal, the greatest woman freestyle skateboarder in the 1970s
  4. Elspeth Beard, first Englishwoman to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle

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I have been reading a lot of poetry by Tony Hoagland and this one I keep coming back to so here it is for you to read too.

Don’t take it personal, they said;
but I did, I took it all quite personal—
the breeze and the river and the color of the fields;
the price of grapefruit and stamps,

the wet hair of women in the rain—
And I cursed what hurt me
and I praised what gave me joy,
the most simple-minded of possible responses.

The government reminded me of my father,
with its deafness and its laws,
and the weather reminded me of my mom,
with her tropical squalls.

Enjoy it while you can, they said of Happiness
Think first, they said of Talk
Get over it, they said
at the School of Broken Hearts

but I couldn’t and I didn’t and I don’t
believe in the clean break;
I believe in the compound fracture
served with a sauce of dirty regret,

I believe in saying it all
and taking it all back
and saying it again for good measure
while the air fills up with I’m-Sorries

like wheeling birds
and the trees look seasick in the wind.
Oh life! Can you blame me
for making a scene?

You were that yellow caboose, the moon
disappearing over a ridge of cloud.
I was the dog, chained in some fool’s backyard;
barking and barking:

trying to convince everything else
to take it personal too.